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Mathias Heng

Conflict Photojournalist

He travels particularly to regions and countries experiencing conflict, war, natural disasters, poverty, social issues and human struggles.

Much of his work is emotionally charged, a visual documentary narrative of conflicts and its effects on the civilian population, capturing key moments and turning points of human history. Much sought after, Mathias' work appears internationally in The Washington Post, The Guardian, The Australian, The Age and newspapers throughout Asia and Europe. Besides the mainstream media, his images appear in books and magazines worldwide too as well as non-government organization publications and journals such as Oxfam USA and Australia, CARE International, Caritas Australia, Australian Volunteers International, AusAID and International Labor Organization (United Nations). He has worked extensively on topical photographic essays in locations such as Afghanistan, Australia, Bangladesh, Burma, Cambodia, East Timor, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Japan, Jordan, Kiribati, Mozambique, Nepal, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, South Africa, Thailand, United Kingdom and Zimbabwe.

In spite of his exposure to many atrocities, Mathias has never lost his passion and commitment to humanity, or his ability to capture images which speak to people around the globe.


Luciano Checco

Street Photographer


A passionate humanist and documentary photographer, Lucciano Checco was born in Aosta, Italy. He moved to Singapore in 1992, and is now Vice President of a German business supplying equipment to the Oil and Gas Industry.


His work has been published in Scoop Italia, Overgaard UK, The Dark Art of Photography and several publications in Indonesia, Singapore and France. 


His series, The Other Side of Singapore, won fandom and notoriety for featuring faces of Singapore's sex trade. He has created a portfolio that exposes the exploitation and human misery that underlies the polished image of a country often regarded as one of the most prosperous and successful nations in the world.




Alain Schneuwly

Street Photographer

Alain is a Street Photographer based in Singapore. Over the last 25 years, he has had the opportunity to travel and photograph many places around the world from the streets of London, Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Morocco to the tribes of West Papua.


In the early days, he focused on landscape photography, and he was more captivated by the beauty of landscapes. In recent years, street photography has become his art as it enables him to capture the world around him candidly, without constraints. 


Alison McCauley


Alison McCauley's work frequently explores the idea of identity, belonging and memory.  Her approach to the people and locations she photographs is questioning, open-ended and subjective.  


Alison has a visual arts background and education.  She has had solo exhibitions in France and Switzerland and group exhibitions in the US, UK, France, Switzerland and Georgia. Her photographs have been published by Al Jazeera, BBC News in Pictures, France 24, Courrier International, The Daily Mail, The Houston Chronicle and The Telegraph, among others.  


Alison is currently working on her second book, "Another Cannes".  This book contains a selection of her images taken during the past five Cannes Film Festivals.